Mr. Dad's Father's Club

About Us

Mr. Dad’s Father’s Club was developed by Joseph Williams in 2017 as a pilot program at Beasley Academic Center, a Chicago Public School (CPS). Mr. Williams identified that there was a lack of support with positive youth development in K-8 elementary schools. He asserted that through positive male mentor-ship, children would improve their academics and behavior through supportive relationships and team-building activities. Moreover, data research has indicated that there are more at-risk youth today because of the lack of effective support in the areas of leadership, athletics, volunteerism, service learning and high school readiness especially for elementary students. Mr. Williams’s solution to these problems were addressed through unifying men and to focus on common purpose… providing more support to children. What makes our organization exceptionally unique and are as follows:

CPS Board approved program with current vendor’s license

All male mentors are CPS approved and screened volunteers who are passionate about making a

positive difference in the lives of children.


 The Mr. Dad's Father's Club mission is to get father's actively involved in their children lives and others by providing tutoring and small group instructional supports in the classrooms. This will also consist of mentoring/literacy and providing life skills for males in etiquette and grooming to develop distinguished gentleman; and spear-head events that promotes male participation with the children.


To include positive male-role model stakeholders e.g. fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, uncles, guardians and caregivers to foster support and service to all children to develop their academic, social/emotional learning, and leadership skills